The Universal Remote Console (URC) is a combination of hardware and software that allows a user to control and view displays of any (compatible) electronic and information technology device or service (or “Target”) in a way that is accessible and convenient to the user.

A typical URC platform is a personal device that a user carries, such as a PDA, cell phone, wrist-watch, braille-based note-taker (for people who can read braille), or other assistive technology devices such as used by people with limited manual dexterity. A URC can be operated in any one of a wide range of methods, including touch-screen, hard buttons, switches, speech and natural language. Although people with disabilities and their assistive technologies would be beneficiaries of the standard, the vast majority of users of such a standard would be mainstream users who want a more convenient way to control things in their environment, including the ability to control them by simply talking to a special low cost URC. Note that one study found that operating a device from a personal universal controller (PDA) rather than using its built-in controls improved its usability.