Improved version of Socket Builder upcoming

An updated version of the Socket Builder will be released within the next month. The new version 1.2 will have an improved keyboard navigation. Furthermore, some issues related to UTF-8 encoding and decoding will be resolved.


Lukas Smirek, Technical Committee

UCH 4.0 will be released in October

The next version of the Universal Control Hub (UCH) is expected to be released in October 2015. The version 4.0 is currently being finalized at the Stuttgart Media University.

The new version will use an embedded Tomcat server. This will simplify the installation process for users. Developers will benefit from a more streamlined development and debugging process.


Lukas Smirek, Technical Committee

Revised URC standards under ISO/IEC published

A revised slate of Universal Remote Console (URC) standards has been published by ISO/IEC on Dec. 12, 2014, under the number 24752. This includes the following parts:


Part 1: Framework

Part 2: User Interface Socket Description

Part 4: Target Description

Part 5: Resource Description


Also, a new part has been published:

Part 6: Web Service Integration


All parts of 24752 can be accessed and purchased in the online ISO Store.

With the publication of these parts, implementers of URC have the assurance of a streamlined and stable standard underlying the various components of the URC ecosystem. Also, with the new part 6, URC targets can now expose themselves as Web Services.


Gottfried Zimmermann, chair of openURC Technical Committee, and editor of ISO/IEC 24752, December 15th, 2014


URC Strategy Workshop

The openURC Alliance welcomes all OpenURC members to participate in the OpenURC Strategy Workshop that will take place on 2015.07.22, 2pm – 2015.07.23, 3 pm at Stuttgart Media University, Nobelstr. 5, 70569 Stuttgart. If you are interested to join – either in person or remote – you should send an Email to Gottfried Zimmermann This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Jan Alexandersson, President, June 8th, 2015


Public review: Last Call DTR on URC-HTTP Target 1.0

The openURC Technical Committee (TC) announces a 4-week public review period on the last-call Draft Technical Report on URC-HTTP Target 1.0. Comments should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Nov. 21, 2014. This document specifies the "URC-HTTP Target" architecture. This approach is a profiling of the Universal Remote Console (URC) technology (as specified by ISO/IEC 24752) in the context of enabling a Target to be URC-HTTP compatible.

Gottfried Zimmermann, openURC TC chair, October 23rd, 2014