Public last-call review: Device Template “TV Set 1.0”

The openURC Technical Committee (TC) announces a 4-week public last-call review period on the Draft Device Template TV Set 1.0. Comments should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by June 6, 2016. This document describes the URC master documents for a television set. Vendors of this or similar devices should derive their URC documents from them.

Gottfried Zimmermann, openURC TC chair


Target adapter for Wöhlke multi-outlet power strip available

The Wöhlke multi-outlet power strip is a via HTTP remotely controllable multi electricity socket. Now, the Stuttgart Media University has published a target adapter and a configuration manager that integrates it with openURC’s Universal Control Hub. The configuration manager is accessible via the UCH itself.

Target discovery manager, target adapter and configuration manager are freely available at

Lukas Smirek, Stuttgart Media University, Technical Committee

Time service for UCH available

Stuttgart Media University released the first version of a time service for the Universal Control Hub (UCH). The module is target adapter and target at the same time. It displays the current system time and date and is available as free download at

Lukas Smirek, Stuttgart Media University, Technical Committee

Framework for simplified target integration available

Stuttgart Media University has published the first release of the Universal Control Hub (UCH) target adapter framework. The framework contains abstract classes that handle the connection between a UCH and the target. This comprises functions like update and session management. From now on, developers only have to implement the mapping of socket elements on appropriate functions that control the target. The framework can be downloaded at

Furthermore, the easy-target-discovery-manager 1.0 was published by the Stuttgart Media University. This target discovery manager is discovering and adding new targets by looking up an XML file. This is of great advantage when targets do not implement a discovery mode or for setting up test environments. The discovery manager is available for download at

Lukas Smirek, Stuttgart Media University, Technical Committee

Socket Builder 1.2 is available for download

Version 1.2 of the Socket Builder is now available. It can be downloaded from Further information about installation and usage can be found in the tutorials section .


Lukas Smirek, Technical Committee