File Conformance Checker (for ISO/IEC 24752:2013)

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The ISO/IEC 24752:2013 File Conformance Checker is a set of tools and resources for checking the conformance of Target Descriptions, User Interface Socket Descriptions, Resource Sheets and Grouping Sheets. These are provided for the support of authors from target manufacturers, target adapters, UCH developers, user interface providers, installers and research institutions.

This project is provided by the Trace R&D Center, with funding from the US dept. of Education (see Acknowledgment).

Note: ISO/IEC 24752:2013 is currently in development at FDIS stage. It is expected to be released as International Standard by end of 2013.

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The creation of the underlying software was funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), US Department of Education under grants H133E980008, and H133E990006; the National Science Foundation (NSF) via the Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (PACI); and gifts from Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.

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