The jQuery URC Plugin uses jQuery to simplify the access to the official URC webclient library. In addition, the plugin offers some useful features like

Why should I use the jQuery URC Plugin?

The plugin adds an layer on top of the URC library and abstracts the access to the library. So the whole communication with the server (UCH) is optimized, this means only data that really has been changed, will be sent to the server.
Moreover, the plugin collects data for a short period of time before sending any data to the server. This comes in handy when setting values very fast in a row (e.g. setting values when moving a slider handle).
You can configure the plugin that it behaves like it should do for your application. Therefore you've got a bunch of configuration parameters:

  • autogenerate
  • bundles
  • cache
  • data
  • defaultMode
  • forLang
  • mapping
  • onInit
  • onUpdate
  • setterDelay
  • updateInterval
  • verbose

More information For further information about the available options see the API and the documentation.

If you are planning to improve the plugin, here are good news: The jQuery URC plugin is open source and is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. So you can build upon the existing work and implement some other nice features, which makes the plugin even better.
The well organized code and the detailed documentation will get you an great understanding of the source code in no time.

Have fun with the plugin!