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The Webclient JavaScript software provides HTML-based binding to UCH-provided sockets, based on the URC-HTTP protocol. It is designed to allow for simple to advanced HTML user interfaces, with the HTML author not having to care much about the binding activities for the socket. Please refer to ISO/IEC 24752 (in particular part 2) for details of the Universal Remote Console Standard, and to the URC-HTTP Protocol specification for details on the URC-HTTP protocol.

iPhone running controller for a satellite box, based on Webclient

The Webclient JavaScript library in a nutshell:

The Webclient is targeted toward the following users:

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This work was funded by the US Dept of Education, NIDRR, under grants #H133E030012 and #H133E080022 (RERCs on IT Access); and by the EU 6th Framework Program under grant FP6-033502 (i2home).

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