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This page will give an overview on tutorials related to the URC Framework (ISO 24752) and to its reference implementation - the Universal Control Hub (UCH) . Tutorials will be provided for developers and users. It is aimed to cover the whole process from developing new components for the UCH, installing a local UCH and how to integrate new targets and interfaces. This site is "work in progress" and we are heavily working on the refinement of already available tutorials and on the collection of new information. So, for the moment please have a look on the tutorials provided with the different tools, which can be found in the tools section.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find a collection of Frequently Asked Questions

Making a business case with URC

This user storry tells a fictive business case which is based on the concepts of URC Super Sockets.

Universal Control Hub (UCH) Installation Guideline

For almost all use cases a stable UCH installation is indespensable. This tutorial explains how to configure the UCH reference implementation for your private network. It is directed towards users as well as UCH module developers.
Universal Control Hub (UCH) Installation Guideline

Users section

Developers section

SocketBuilder - Installation Guideline

The SocketBuilder was developed to simplyfy the process of developing new User Interface Socket Descriptions. This tutorial gives guidance how to install the SocketBuilder. It also comprises a section explaining how to set up the SocketBuilder to make it accessible for Assistive Technologies like screen readers.
SocketBuilder - Installation Guideline

Tutorial: Creating Sockets with the SocketBuilder

This tutorial explains the creation of a socket for a very simple Todo-Service that we want to control. We will create the Socket with the SocketBuilder step by step and deploy it on a local UCH instance for testing purposes. By creating the Socket the three types of Socket Elements - variables, commands and notifications - will be explained.
Tutorial: Creating Sockets with the SocketBuilder

Design Guidelines for User Interface Sockets

These guidelines will give you some background during the design process of a Socket and will support some of your design decisions.
Design Guidelines for User Interface Sockets

Tutorial: Setting up Eclipse for Universal Control Hub (UCH) development

This tutorial lists required information on how to configure your Eclipse IDE and an apropriate project so that programmers can develop their own version of a Universal Control Hub (UCH). We recomand to use Eclipse for Java EE Developers. This enables the development, deployment and debugging of the UCH and related modules by using the support of the Eclipse IDE.

Tutorial: Writing a target adapter based on the target adapter framework

This tutorial explains how to develop a target adapter that is based on the target adapter framework. Therefore, a simple time service that returns the current system time and date will be implemented. So, the target that is controlled is the system clock.

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